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Conners Consulting provides consulting services in these areas:

                                             • Marketing and Strategic Planning
                                             • New Products/New Business Ventures
                                             • Business Growth Optimization

If your company needs to build its business, you may want to consider using experienced, outside help to increase your sales, share and profit. Conners Consulting has helped a lot of organizations improve their business, as a result of very innovative marketing and strategic thinking.

Conners Consulting has a depth and breadth of experience working with a diversity of companies and world class brands. Maureen is a results-oriented visionary who brings new thinking and perspective to companies…always helping them get to the next level of performance. Some of the organizations Conners Consulting has worked with include:

                                            • Gillette
                                            • Levi Strauss
                                            • Mattel
                                            • Johnson & Johnson
                                            • Monster.com
                                            • Ralph Lauren Footwear
                                            • Rockport
                                            • Hewlett Packard
                                            • Polaroid
                                            • Bausch & Lomb
                                            • Southcorp Wines
                                            • Varilux
                                            • Western Union Money Zap
                                            • Deckers Outdoor Corporation

If you are interested in learning more about how Conners Consulting could help, please click here . Also, you could send an email to:  Maureen@connersconsulting.net or call : 415-350-9936.